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There are many several ways to make money from internet. But a few lucky men/women have found ways to make money withing the comfort of their own home with the internet. So, we have put 5 most reliable ways to make money.

1) Sell Your Marketable Talent

Working as a freelancer is the best way to be self employed and make money from home. If you have a best experience on web design, web development, Graphics designs, writing, editing, marketing etc - try freelance work in your extra time. Sign up and create a attractive profile on Freelance, Odesk, Elance. You can earn an average $10-$25 or more per hour/day, depending on your job and your experience.

2) Building a Website 

This is probably easiest way to make money online. You can make your free reliable website by Blogger. Now you can either learn or pay someone who specializes in SEO. After building your website, insert advertisement which generate revenue per PPC(Pay Per Click) / PPM(Pay Per Impression). The best and most well known ad program is Google Adsense , Buysellads.

3) Make Money From YouTube

Looking to earn some extra huge money from your huge collection of YouTube videos. Yes, you can make money from YouTube by becoming a YouTube partner, which allows to display ads on your video and generated revenues by clicks on your ads. Maybe, You can earn $2 up to $10 per 1000 views. To Become a Partner, You need to..

  • Google Adsense Account.
  • Zero Copyright Material.
  • At least 1,000 Subscribers.
  • At least 1,000 Video Views.
  • At least 10,000 Channel Views.
4) Make Money From eBay

Today, eBay is the world's largest online marketplace with more than 97 million active users. More than a million people depending on eBay for their primary or secondary source of income. eBay offers an excellent way by selling stuff. If you want to make money on eBay, you research what is selling at the moment then start creating auctions.

5) Make Money From Forex

Forex is the best earning way to make huge profit. You know that each country has its own currency. In the forex market, you can make money through buying and selling with different currencies against each other. To become a strong forex trader, you need to know about..

  • Technical analysis.
  • Fundamental analysis. 
Now that you have our 5 ideas.

Top 5 Real Ways to Make Money on the Internet

By Unknown → Monday, 16 September 2013
Somebody uses many good themes for Google Chrome browser. Somebody like in general or stylish design. But that's very interesting if you make the theme as your like. Let's start our journey how making a own Google Chrome theme. Just follow my instruction to make a theme.

How To Make Google Chrome Theme:

1) First go to this link and add the Extension.
2) Then Open a New Tab Page.
3) At the bottom of the page click on Apps. Then click on My Chrome Theme.
4) Click on START MAKING THEME. Then upload a photo or Use Webcam to take a picture.
google chrome theme
5) After Editing the picture as your like click on Continue to Step 2.
6) That's page is important you can customize the color of the Toolbar,Tab,Background,Frame by click on brush specific page. After customizing click on Continue to Step 3.
7) Give a theme name according to your choice. Then click on Make my theme.
8) Finally theme was created. Now click on INSTALL MY THEME to use it. If you want to share the theme, click on Share Theme and share your link with others.

Create Your Own Colorful Theme For Google Chrome

By Unknown → Friday, 13 September 2013
Facebook is the best social site in the world. Many times we used Facebook like button in our wapka site. Now in this tutorial we know that how to use Facebook follow button on our favorite wapka site. It is very important for blog and personal sites. So let's start our journey to add this.

Mark Zuckerberg follow button below...
How to Add:

1) First Login your wapka site.
2) Then click on Manage from Site List.
3) Click on Admin mode.
4) Click on EDIT SITE(#).
5) Click on WML/XHTML code.
6) Then paste the following code into the WML/XHTML code box.
<iframe src="//;width=450&amp;height=80&amp;colorscheme=light&amp;layout=standard&amp;show_faces=true" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border:none; overflow:hidden; width:450px; height:80px;" allowTransparency="true"></iframe>

  • Change the with your facebook profile url. 
  • If you want to hide profile photo below the button replace true with false
  • You can customize height and weight as you like. Minimum width: 225. Default width: 450. Height: 35 ( without photos) or 80 (with photos).
9) Then click on Submit. Now you are done.

How to Add Facebook Follow Button in Your Wapka Site

By Unknown → Tuesday, 10 September 2013
Facebook is the best social website in the world. Many times we used Facebook Fanpage like box on our website. Now in this tutorial we know that how to add Beautiful Facebook follow button on our blogger site. It is very important for blogs and personal sites. So let's start our journey to add this.

How to Add Facebook Follow Button:

1) First login your Blogger account.
2) Then click on the Template.
3) Click on Edit HTML.
4) Click on Format template.
5) Now click Ctrl+F from the keyboard.
6) Search the following code..
<body expr:class='&quot;loading&quot; + data:blog.mobileClass'>
7) Copy following code and paste after the above code.
<div id="fb-root"></div>
<script>(function(d, s, id) {
  var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];
  if (d.getElementById(id)) return;
  js = d.createElement(s); = id;
  js.src = "//";
  fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);
}(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk'));</script>
8) Click on Save template.
9) Now click on Layout from the left side.
10) Click on Add a Gadget.
11) Scrolling your mouse then click on HTML/JavaScript.
12) Now copy following code and paste into the HTML/JavaScript box.
<div class="fb-follow" data-href="" data-width="450" data-show-faces="true"></div>
>> Replace with your Facebook profile or fan page url.
>> Replace width 450 as you like.
>> If you want to hide the profile photo below the button replace true with false.
13) After completing click on Save and see your zigzag site.

How to Add Beautiful Facebook Follow Button on Your Blogger Site

By Unknown → Saturday, 7 September 2013

Top Android Apps List Updated

By Unknown → Tuesday, 27 August 2013
SEO is the most important to getting a huge visitor from search engine. Manually submit your wapka site to major search engine like google,yahoo,bing. Once you submit your site, it could take several days to index your full website page. So why late, follow my simply instruction to index your site.

Submit Site to Google:
1. Go to the following link
2. Type in your URL, example:
3. Write the captcha text that's shown in the box.
4. Click on Submit Request.

Submit Site to Yahoo/Bing:
Remember yahoo,bing network is the combined search engine.
1. Go to the following link
2. Type in your URL, example:
3. Write the captcha text that's shown in the box.
4. Click on SUBMIT.

Once you complete the above steps, just wait for indexing your site.

Important Tips: Don't use Automated submission program to submit your website to
                           multiple search engine at once. It considered SPAM SPAM.

Submit Your Wapka Site to Google,Yahoo,Bing

By Unknown → Wednesday, 21 August 2013
Facebook has recently released many plugins for websites and blogs. Now Facebook developer's released "Facebook Comment Box". That's awesome to creating comment system on your blogger/blogspot blog. With facebook comments box, Your bloggers user able to comment on your blog posts and those post comment automatically share on their facebook comment wall.

Final Project:
facebook blogger comment box
See our latest tutorial about it by below link

How to Add New Responsive Facebook Comment Box to Blogger

Add New Style Facebook Comments Box in Blogger Blogs

By Unknown → Tuesday, 30 July 2013
We know that facebook is a world no.1 social bookmarking site. You can increase your site rank by using facebook like widget and also it's help you to increasing your Facebook fan page like. Now i tell you, How to add beautiful facebook like button code in your favorite wapka site. See demo below and like it.
How to Add:

1) First login to your Wapka site.
2) Click Manage from Site List.
3) Then click Admin mode.
2) Then click ::EDIT SITE(#):: (You can see this at the bottom).
3) Then click WML/XHTML code.
4) Now paste below of the following code into the WML/XHTML Code box.
5) Before pasting replaced with your website link or your facebook fanpage link.
<iframe src=";layout=button_count" scrolling="no" style="border:none;width:160px;height:30px;" frameborder="0"></iframe>
Done. Now enjoy this facebook widget.

Beautiful facebook like button code for your Wapka site

By Unknown → Friday, 26 July 2013