Everything about SEO (what is SEO, How to Work and How to apply)

By Md Asak Mia Saturday, 29 June 2013
SEO is the important for every website. Without SEO, your website is blind. So learn SEO from an expert. Previous we post on SEO tips . You can view and gain some knowledge. Ok Let's start our SEO journey. First we should know about search results.
There are two types of search results.
  1. Organic.
  2. Paid.
Here I discuss about organic search results, because it's free.
If you are new, please read Top SEO tips for a beginner
First, We should know how search works: =

Mainly, search engine work of the two components:
  1. Crawler:= It's collect information from the different types of website by spider, robots/bot. Here, search engine follows a link then collect information and store that in their database.
  2. Algorithm: = Here search engine analyzes the received information and provided a ranking according to page's relevancy and quality of the content. SEO algorithm depends on many factors.
What is SEO?: =

SEO means "Search Engine Optimization". Seo is the policy/technique which helps a website to get huge visitor from the web search engine like google, yahoo, bing etc. In fact, if we are capable of bringing a website on the first page of search engine, we get a huge visitor to our website.

In more simple ways: If we want to download a song, then we usually go to google search and write our song name then click on search. Please note that when we are pressed on search button google displays the name of the website where we can get the song. Basically, Per page google displays 10 website name. Now you might think that why some of the site's came to the first page of search engine and why the rest of the website was behind of the page. Is Google doing as it's like or have any other reason? Surely, the first page site has something special where other site are not special. This is special techniques of SEO, in which you can take your website to the first page.

Who is the new on seo, he can follow Google webmaster guideline. If you follow basic rules, you do not have to worry so much about SEO. We make a website for the visitors, if you correctly represent your content(post) according to your visitor's mind then you automatically receive 50-60% seo.

One visitor, why does the search: Basically they are looking for the answer, or they are looking to solve a problem, or they want to meet their needs. If you can give them the necessary information to solve their problem through your site then you have no longer to worry about the visitor.

Mainly, two types of SEO:
  1. On page SEO: = Simply said, what are you saying about your website?
  2. Off page SEO: = Others, what are saying about your website?
How to use SEO?: =

Suppose you have a games website which is currently located at #10 page. If you want the search engine show your "games" search keyword in #1 page, you will make SEO of the site. SEO usually depends on a popular search terms or keyword. Remember, high competition kewords are very hard. Suppose, you have opened a new site, about that already has million websites and competitive and you also opened another site that has only 1000 websites in the world, now tell you where the competition will be easy million/1000. If the keyword selection is not perfect, you cannot get your desired results. So remember before creating a website, keyword selection is very important.

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