Create Your Own Colorful Theme For Google Chrome

By Md Asak Mia Friday, 13 September 2013
Somebody uses many good themes for Google Chrome browser. Somebody like in general or stylish design. But that's very interesting if you make the theme as your like. Let's start our journey how making a own Google Chrome theme. Just follow my instruction to make a theme.

How To Make Google Chrome Theme:

1) First go to this link and add the Extension.
2) Then Open a New Tab Page.
3) At the bottom of the page click on Apps. Then click on My Chrome Theme.
4) Click on START MAKING THEME. Then upload a photo or Use Webcam to take a picture.
google chrome theme
5) After Editing the picture as your like click on Continue to Step 2.
6) That's page is important you can customize the color of the Toolbar,Tab,Background,Frame by click on brush specific page. After customizing click on Continue to Step 3.
7) Give a theme name according to your choice. Then click on Make my theme.
8) Finally theme was created. Now click on INSTALL MY THEME to use it. If you want to share the theme, click on Share Theme and share your link with others.

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