10 Important SEO Tips to Increase Your Website Visitors

By Md Asak Mia Thursday, 25 July 2013
Every web developer wants to increase their website visitors because that is the main factor. There are a variety of ways to increase visitor. These I have to find some simple and accurate way. If you can work according to these tips properly, you can be sure to get huge visitor. It also help's when you will work with blogging. Below I share the tips, read carefully.

Website Visitor Resources:

1) Correctly create your sitemap.xml and robots.txt file. That's most most important for your website.

2) After creating your website completely, submit it to various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing so that search crawl bar easily find your posts.

3) Regularly write unique articles on your blog. Remember tutorials/posts that are standardized and large, do not let the bed and incorrect information.

4) Share your blog and blog posts to different social media site. The traffic to these websites will be appear in your blog by clicking the link.

5) Submit your blog posts to social bookmarking site. That's helped you to get huge visitor and also give you facility to increasing your website rank.
6) Add your blog's RSS feed. It also help's to growth your site visitors.

7) You can increase your website visitor through Yahoo Answer Site.

8) Don't ever work with Black SEO. That's harmful for your site.

9) Open new Facebook fan page for your website and all time published your blog posts there.

10) Try as much as possible on your blog site with CMS. Currently world most popular CMS is Joomla and WordPress.

If you can do well by following the above tips, 100% surely would be increase your website visitor and also it keep's good effect on SEO. Are you want to share other tips? ..comment..

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