What is Mesothelioma Definition?

By Md Asak Mia Friday, 5 July 2013
Mesothelioma Definition:
  1. A type of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. This type of cancer is usually considered a tumor of the pleura and not a type of lung cancer.
  2. Cancer involving the pleura. (The lungs covering by the membranes).
  3. A cancer of the lining of the lungs, chest and stomach caused by inhalation of asbestos dust and fibers or asbestos exposure.
  4. A cancer of cells similar to those forming the lining of the lungs, the abdominal cavity, heart etc.
  5. A malignant tumor covering the lining of the lung and connected with asbestos exposure.
  6. Generally, A tumor affects the lining of the chest or abdomen.
  7. A malignant tumor of mesothelioma caused by the inhalation of asbestos.
  8. A tumor of the lining of the lungs. Mesothelioma is connected only to asbestos exposure.
  9. Mesothelioma is known as deadly condition, if not detected in time. However there is forms of mesothelioma that cannot be deadly and these ones are known as benign mesothelioma.

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