New Facility of Mozilla Firefox 20.0

By Md Asak Mia Friday, 5 July 2013
Mozilla Firefox is a populated name in the worldwide. Many computer users used Mozilla Firefox to complete their task. This browser is the most popular for all operating systems like Linux,Windows,Mac. Last 2 April 2013, Firefox released new version Firefox 20.0. Let's see, what's facility in Mozilla Firefox 20.0.
  • Advanced Private Browsing
Private browsing is a big advantage of Firefox's. Because when we use private browsing, Firefox not saving our browsing, history, cookies, cache.
In the previous version of Firefox when you are running window click on start private browsing, your previous window close automatically and would be open a new window. But Firefox 20.0, you can open more private and non-private window together.

  • New Experience Of Download
The default Downloader for Firefox also been improved. In this version, Download icons have been added beside the search bar. When you click on this icon then would be opened a drop down menu and you would see download item and completed time.
  • Advanced Stability of Plugins
As a result using of different types of plugins, we are attracted by hanging and crash. But thankfully, Firefox 20.0 that's plugins could be occur hangs and crashes that can recognize them and automatically close without having to restart the browser.

  • Improved Support of HTML5
Firefox 20.0 helps us to enjoy HTML5 audio and video with high quality. Besides, the tag of "<canvas>" will also have to support in "blend modes".

  •  Improved Developer Tools
The new "profile tool" have been added for developers. Now web developer can perform more work to use it.

So, why late? Download Firefox 20 Click Here and enjoy your browsing experience.
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